Gear VLab - Educational Technology that Brings Enlightenment

Innovation doesn't need to be expensive. Gear Vlab introduces a revolution in the world of school computer labs, bringing positive change without burdening budgets.

Why Gear VLab ?

  • Gear VLab provides a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality. With efficient designs and the latest technology, investing in educational technology is now more affordable.

  • Fast installation and easy development. With Gear VLab using technology is no longer complicated. More than just a device, the Gear VLab is a catalyst for progress.

  • No connection, no problem. Gear VLab's offline library feature ensures students stay connected to learning resources, wherever they are. Digital literacy knows no boundaries.

  • Holding digital exams without an internet connection? Gear VLab makes it possible. CBT provides a seamless exam experience, freeing schools from technological constraints.

  • Gear VLab understands the challenges of education in remote areas. Powered by 12th Generation Intel Core processors, Gear VLab is not just a technology solution, it is an investment in the future of digital literacy.

  • Gear VLab not only solves problems, but provides inclusive solutions. Every school, without exception, can benefit from it.

Gear Virtual Lab Configuration Kit

Gear VLab Server Kit

PC Desktop Intel Core i7 witd vPro Gen 12
Class Management
Veyon Master Software for monitoring and remote N Point or User
Software Optional : Perpus

Gear VLab Host Kit

Host Computer : Small form factor, mini-PC, other
Processor Gen 12 Core i5/i7/i9
(optional with vPro)
4x Display Ports
(4 video ports for 4:1 configuration)
Intel-provided open-source SW with SR-IOV enabled BIOS
Displays, Keyboards, Mice, Webcams, Headphones (optional)
Cables : HDMI, USB-C to HDMI cables, USB hubs
Operating System : Windows or Linux (according to the needs)

Benefits : Centralized Manageability at Low Cost

Remote manageability through the cloud

Full sized monitor, keyboard and mouse

Open-source administration licenses

Up to 4 seats per host computer

Small footprint

Supports Windows and Linux clients


Low hardware costs per seat


Peripherals connection allowed

Video/audio supported

No server needed

Flexibility with different configurations

HW security technologies

Multiple users

Low demage risk

  • Solutions for schools with limited Internet access
  • Low cost access, maximum impact with affordable learning
  • Optimized space and energy efficiency by saving space
  • Centralized local computing, enabling increased productivity